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Page 13

She is running!

169040 on the move

The Clutch has been changed and the property has dried out. Stu decided to just hop into the drivers seat and have a drive


Ready to go









Due to conditions and the amount of fuel available she was not driven a long way












The tracks show that there was some boggy ground around

His first drive in a Centurion --- and owner Stu is very happy indeed

One happy owner




                            169090                                                                       169111

Two Centurions for sale at the Auction a nice looking MBT and an ARV

Both Units served in Vietnam and are supposed to be runners

A very nice Grant ---- All units looked very nice, but not all were working models

A Valentine Cruiser Tank

A Matilda No.2 Mk1 "FROG" Flamethrower Infantry Tank

A Buffalo Mk 4 (LVT4) Tracked Landing Vehicle


Twin 40MM Bofors Naval Gun

A 25 Pounder

This APC hit a mine in Vietnam note the road wheel that was blown off

The mine blast damage inside the hull

The damaged road wheel


Looking into the rear of 134199. Great to see this part of our history still being kept

A very nice Grant M3A5 Medium Tank

Rear view of the Grant named "Bulldog"

One of the many big guns for sale. 

An Australian Light Tank--Experimental

An Army BSA Motorcycle

20 pound Canister round 

Another view of the projectile 

A short Leopard motor

Leopard Crankshaft

More sale items including a searchlight

The Sentinel display board

The Sentinel--A WW2 Australian  AC-1 Cruiser Tank--This was fitted with three Cadillac Series 39-75 V8 petrol engines and a 2 pounder gun

This tank was built by the NSW Railways and so the Dorrigo Steam Train Museum from Northern NSW wanted to buy it for their collection. At this stage I am not sure who was the winning bidder.

Some of the projectiles on sale

A class room demo Centurion. This showed the drivers compartment--the dashboard is fitted in front of the driver whereas it should be on the right side beside the Switch control panel.

This shows the Motor and the rear transmission and final drive

The final drive showing the cutaway sections. The motor is also a cutaway---driven by an electric motor, students can see just what happens inside the motor and transmissions as gears are changed and the clutch operated.

Some old unrestored items

Some of the old guns on offer


Brad was to come down from Queensland to stay for the weekend and attend the auction. Alas he was called back to work and was not able to attend. Bad luck for Brad, but my disappointment was tempered when he sent me a heap of money and a shopping list. This was going to make my day a bit more exciting.

I was able to obtain a 20 pounder H.E. Centurion Round

I also managed to pick up a 20 pounder Smoke round for a Centurion

A close up of the two projectiles

The smoke setting dials

The Smoke Projectile

Another shot of the projectile, with the HE and smoke case behind

Two .30 Flex mounts, these are off an APC and do not have the liner box holders but will fit onto the Centurion

I have been after one of these for about 4 years for the Vietnam Vets Museum---maybe one day.